Top 11 Best CSS Framework To Use In 2024

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You have heard a lot about CSS frameworks if you are a programmer, which makes you curious to know what it is. Well, you should not worry because you are in the right place. In this article, we will discover the best CSS framework in detail that you can use in 2024.

Some of the top CSS frameworks are:

We will also delve deep into the topic and understand why we need CSS frameworks, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to know which is the best for you.

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Why are CSS Frameworks used?

A CSS framework consists of various CSS stylesheets that can be used instantly by programmers and designers. It is a ready-made stylesheet used for several plans, after which you only have to code the HTML file according to it. 

using css

One of the main reasons people use these popular CSS frameworks is because they save time. If you have created websites before, you know how long it takes and how some elements are included in every other website.

So, these frameworks give you a headstart, and you don’t have to code again the same elements. Additionally, using a framework significantly decreases the chance of bugs in your code. 

Best CSS Framework

These are the best CSS libraries that you will surely need in 2024. Without further ado, let’s discuss them in detail. 


Bootstrap is undoubtedly one of the most popular CSS frameworks people use worldwide. Twitter developed this framework in 2011. The framework consists of various templates that include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, from which you can create advanced HTML tables and many more.

bootstrap css framework

It aims to improve responsive web design for mobile websites and has the necessary tools to boost your front-end efficiency. 


  • Assist both SAAS and LESS– This is the only famous framework used by both SAAS and LESS. Additionally, SAAS is used widely. 
  • Massive Ecosystem– It offers many advanced features like themes and layouts that developers can surely use in their projects and are supported by developers worldwide.
  • Easily Customizable– You can easily edit these features and use them however you want in your projects.


  • Similar-looking websites– Bootstrap has been there for a while, which means many people have overused it. It has resulted in similar-looking websites, which means flexibility is less regarding its features. 
  • Heavy to Include- One of the main drawbacks of Bootstrap is that the files are incredibly bulky, which often extends the download to some extent. It is not a lightweight framework. 
  • Compatibility- Bootstrap may have compatibility issues with older or previous versions of browsers.

Visit: Bootstrap

Tailwind CSS

This framework is the best CSS framework available in the market. It gives us a utility-first CSS framework. Tailwind CSS provides developers with certain classes that allow them to customize anything and create something out of their minds.

tailwind css

It saves a lot of time and improves your speed and efficiency. You don’t have to write extra CSS if you code with this framework. 


  • Easily customizable– The framework offers a tailwind.config.js that allows you to customize everything in the framework according to your requirements. 
  • Boost Productivity– Tailwind CSS aims to ease the work for developers through their utility classes and helps boost their productivity. 
  • Responsive Design– Tailwind provides a feature called responsive utilities that allows you to create responsive designs for mobile sites. With this, you can customize how you want your site to look.


  • File Size– As the framework offers many utility classes, the file can be very bulky, specifically for projects that require a lot of CSS. It can result in the website needing to be faster.
  • Steep learning curve– Tailwind CSS does not have pre-made components, so it might be difficult for people to understand if they are newbie front-end developers. 
  • Utility Class Dependency- This framework overly relies on the utility classes, so it could be challenging for people to read and understand the code.

Visit: Tailwind CSS


Foundation is a CSS framework that comprises a grid, HTML, SAAS, some UI elements, and various templates that allow you to create forms, navigation, buttons, etc. According to the Foundation, it is “the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.”

foundation css framework

Furthermore, its operation began in 2019. Pixar, Mini Cooper, and Barclays Bank use this framework. It also offers some extensions that rely on JavaScript.


  • Massive Toolkit- The Foundation solves most of the problems of the front-end developer. The framework also has a Command-line Interface that is useful for developers.
  • Extreme Flexibility- The Foundation gives the developers the power to be in charge of their UIs. Furthermore, you don’t have to code in a specific style or language.


  • Hard to learn– Although the framework comprises many options, it is hard to understand. You have to be an experienced developer to know how everything functions and understand its complexity. 
  • It relies on JavaScript. The features rely on jQuery or a library called Zepto. Most of the Developers don’t know this library. Due to this limitation, this framework is not considered the best CSS framework for React. 

Visit: Foundation


Bulma is a lightweight and simple framework that follows Flexbox. This framework only uses CSS and does not have any other components of JavaScript like other frameworks.

bulma css framework

Due to its pre-occupied features, you may have to do minimal coding. Some developers consider this framework as an alternative to Bootstrap. Infosys and Fujitsu use this kind of framework.


  • Simplicity– The framework focuses on the principle of flexbox, which developers find very simple and easy to understand. It also provides you with an aesthetic design different from other frameworks. 
  • Flexibility– Its flexible framework allows the developers to make unique designs. 


  • Smaller Community– Though Bulma is considered an alternative to Bootstrap, it does not have a larger community and fewer resources.
  • Less Complete– It is often considered less complete because the framework has limited premium features and can run slowly on internet browsers.

Visit: Bulma


The Skeleton is a lightweight framework described as a “dead, simple, responsive boilerplate.” You cannot even question its minimalistic approach because it contains only 400 lines of source code.

skeleton css framework

It is the best CSS framework if you are working on a smaller project. Portale Argo, The Range, and WikiTree use this kind of framework.


  • The framework is simple and easy to handle and understand.
  • It focuses on a mobile-first approach.
  • Perfect for beginneers.


  • The framework is not suitable for larger projects.
  • It will be of no use to an experienced developer.

Visit: Skeleton


UIkit is one of the lightweight and modular frameworks available in the market. By the name, you must have figured out that it specializes in UI components like buttons, animations, and more.


You can make iOS applications using this framework. Like Bootstrap, this framework also uses JavaScript.


  • Easy to use– The framework is simple and offers many components that allow you to create web applications without wasting time.
  • Dozens of Components– UIkit comprises various components that you can use to create something unique. You can also customize it according to your comfort.


  • Smaller Community– Although UIkit is backed by Apple, it has a smaller community, and you might face difficulty if you encounter an issue. 
  • Complex for smaller projects– UIkit might not be your cup of tea if you are a beginner, as it requires you to understand the front-end concept deeply. It should be great for larger projects that have experienced developers.

Visit: UIkit


Milligram is considered a microframework because its size is less than 2 KB. The microframework consists of classes that allow you to style your website instantly.


Although these classes come with specific style preferences, you may have to change the code sometimes for the design that you want to apply. It is simple and allows you to create responsive websites that load faster.


  • Easy to learn– This microframework is easy to learn and can be understood within a day. It is also easy to set up as it is under 2KB in size. It mainly focuses on the developer’s productivity.
  • Not Opinionated– Milligram is different from other frameworks. It doesn’t come in regular styles; you don’t have to reset or override anything.


  • No templates– The framework consists of fewer templates, so if you want something pre-made, Milligram is not for you. In addition, it is the best CSS framework for this purpose if you want to make something specific.
  • Small community– It has a small community, which means you will have to face difficulties if you encounter an issue. 

Visit: Milligram


Tachyons is not one of the popular frameworks in the market. It offers premium utility classes that are ideal for creating quick projects.


Additionally, the websites created with this framework load faster and are responsive and easily readable. 


  • Reusable– Tachyons allow you to make properties that are used again to build something else.


  • PostCSS– This framework is mainly used for PostCSS. Furthermore, you can use this framework with SAAS, but it is preferred only sometimes.

Visit: Tachyons

Materialize CSS

Google introduced and developed this feature. It is based on the concept of Material Design, which is a design language. You can use it to create websites that are attractive and responsive.

materialize css

It comes with many default components like navigation bars, buttons, etc. GeeksforGeeks, Mapbox, and JoyPixels use this kind of framework.


  • Material Design– The language used in this framework is popular and used worldwide. Thus, it will be easy to target your audience.
  • Fully Featured– The framework comes with everything you need, but it also provides advanced JavaScript features that allow you to change styles using JS


  • Strict Design Language– If you don’t understand or know how to use this language, it would be better to try something else.
  • Requires JavaScript Knowledge– The framework relies on JavaScript. Therefore, people with less knowledge about it won’t be able to use it to its full potential. 

Visit: Materialize CSS

Open Props

Open Props is one of those frameworks that is new but powerful, and people love using it. The framework is built only on CSS variables.

open props

Moreover, you can easily customize and use it according to your design system. You can use it to create websites quickly.


In addition, the advantages of Open Props are : 

  • Easily Customizable and Very Flexible
  • It can be adapted easily.


Below are some of the disadvantages of Open Props: 

  • Smaller Community
  • Little Documentation

Visit: Open Props

Pure CSS

Yahoo created and developed this framework. Its focus was creating responsive sites for mobile devices.

pure css

The framework is known to be lightweight as it takes about 3.7 KB of space when compressed. The framework purely consists of CSS components. 


  • Customizable– You can hand-pick and apply the necessary things to your projects.
  • Ready-Made Components– The framework consists of responsive pre-made components that can be applied to projects instantly.


  • Little JavaScript support.
  • Due to its need to create unique designs, it can’t be used by newbies or small teams.

Visit: Pure CSS

How do you decide which is best for you?

To answer this question, you first have to think about many factors. It depends on what kind of project you are working on, your demands, and then choosing the framework.

css frameworks for coding

Other factors may include page speed, cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, and accessibility. Make sure you compare the pros and cons of every framework and choose accordingly.


Which one is the best CSS framework?

Tailwind CSS is known as the best CSS framework in 2023 by the State of CSS study.

What is the best CSS framework for web components?

The best CSS framework for web components is Bootstrap.

Which CSS is the fastest?

The fastest CSS is certainly the Inline CSS.

Which CSS framework is better, Tailwind or Bootstrap?

Both of the frameworks are best. But it depends on what you need. If you require something lightweight, you can go for Tailwind CSS. You should choose Bootstrap when you want something powerful.


In conclusion, we discussed various CSS frameworks that can be used in 2024. There are also other CSS frameworks that you can try to increase your understanding and improve your skills as a front-end web developer.

You can also try other frameworks like Java automation frameworks and some of the best backend frameworks and Backend Automation Testing Tools, to improve your programming skills.. Additionally, compare and select the framework that will be best for you and your projects.

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