How To Fix SyntaxError Unexpected EOF While Parsing?

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If you’re a programmer, you’ve likely encountered the SyntaxError “unexpected EOF while parsing” at some point. This error occurs when the Python interpreter reaches the end of a file (EOF) while it is still trying to parse the code.

Unexpected Errors While Parsing

This article will explore the causes of this error and provide several solutions.

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Cause Of “Unexpected EOF While Parsing” Errors?

There are few reasons why the SyntaxError “unexpected EOF while parsing” might occur in your code. These include:

1. Unbalanced Brackets Or Parentheses

Unbalanced Brackets or Parentheses

If you have an opening bracket or parenthesis that isn’t closed, the interpreter will reach the end of the file before the code block is complete.

2. Unterminated String Literals

Unterminated String Literals

If you have a string literal that isn’t correctly terminated with quotation marks, the interpreter will reach the end of the file before the block is complete.

3. Unterminated Comments

Unterminated Comments

If you forget to close a comment with a hash symbol (#), the interpreter will reach the end of the file before the block is complete.

How Can We Hit “Unexpected EOF While Parsing” Errors?

To fix the “unexpected EOF while parsing” SyntaxError, you must identify and address the cause. Below are some steps to solve the errors you find in parsing:

1. Check the line number and position indicated in the error message, which will give you an uneven idea of where the exact error is in your code.

2. Look for unbalanced brackets or parentheses, unterminated string literals, and unterminated comments. Add the necessary closing brackets, parentheses, quotation marks, or hash symbols to terminate the code block properly.

Unexpected Errors

3. You can also consider using a linter or syntax checker, like Pylint, if you’re having trouble identifying the cause of the error. These tools can help you find syntax errors in your code and suggest fixes.

4. Make sure that your code is with proper indentations. Proper indentation is vital in Python because it helps the interpreter understand the structure of your code. The incorrect indentations may take you to syntax errors like the ‘unexpected EOF while parsing’ error.

Tips To Avoid The “Unexpected EOF While Parsing” Errors

To help prevent the “unexpected EOF while parsing” error from occurring in your code, try following these tips:

Tips To Avoid Errors

  • Be vigilant about matching every opening bracket or parenthesis with a closing bracket or parenthesis.
  • Make sure to terminate all string literals with quotation marks correctly.
  • Check your indentation to ensure that your code is formatted correctly.
  • Use a linter or syntax checker to catch and fix syntax errors.
  • Save your work regularly to avoid the loss of progress if you find an error.


Following the tips and the steps can minimize the chances of encountering the “unexpected EOF while parsing” SyntaxError in your Python code. If you encounter this error, check for unbalanced brackets and parentheses, unterminated string literals, and improper indentation. With attention to detail, you can quickly fix this error and get back to coding.

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