JavaScript vs ReactJS: A Comparative Analysis

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You must have heard about ‘Front-end Development’ a lot in programming. So, what does this term mean? Everything you see on a website as a user is a part of front-end development with languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. 

In ReactJs, you need to write less code compared to Javascript. JavaScript can perform various projects, whereas ReactJs is used to build interactive User Interfaces. ReactJs is more straightforward to grasp than Javascript and provides better maintenance services. ReactJs is an excellent option for building mobile applications; on the other hand, Javascript is best for creating simple web pages.

JavaScript Vs reactJs

Today, you will learn about JavaScript, a high-level programming language, ReactJs, a library of JavaScript, and a detailed comparison of JavaScript vs. ReactJs.

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JavaScript Vs. ReactJs

First, we will learn about JavaScript, then about ReactJs, a library of JavaScript, and compare these two to know which would be better for a beginner.


JavaScript, abbreviated as JS, is an object-oriented, high-level front-end language developed in 1995. JavaScript is also given the name of ‘Vanilla JS’. We use this term when a website uses JavaScript without its frameworks or libraries.

It adds functionality to a website or a webpage. For example: in the case of a refrigerator, the layout of the refrigerator is the HTML part of the code. The design and color of the refrigerator are the CSS part of the code, and the way the refrigerator will work like the cooling feature is the JavaScript part of the code. Similarly, the behavior of any website or webpage solely depends on JavaScript.


It mainly finds its use to make the website interactive. We can use JavaScript not only to develop websites but also to develop games. Over 90% of websites use JavaScript as their scripting language.

It also has many advantages like speed and simplicity and supports all modern browsers making it more accessible than many other languages. It may take time to master it, but learning the basics and its functionalities will help you start your journey as a front-end developer.


As mentioned above, ReactJs is a library of JavaScript. ReactJs first came into view in 2011 and was finally made available in 2013 as an open-source. ReactJs helps to create SPA, that is, Single Page Application.

Single Page Applications or websites are, as the name suggests, single webpages, which load the data needed in the same webpage instead of loading a new page. This is possible as ReactJs breaks down the page into several components. Components make the work way more straightforward as it is reusable.

In case of any error, you can rectify the component where the error occurs without going through your entire project. Examples of websites developed using React are Facebook, Netflix, and Microsoft Outlook.


ReactJs is used to create UI, that is, user interfaces, and make them interactive, and it also can be used to create web applications. ReactJs has many advantages like the reusability of components, use of Virtual DOM, enhanced performance, and SEO friendly.

JavaScript Vs. ReactJs: Detailed Comparison

Now that we know about the uses and advantages of both JavaScript and ReactJs, the question arises, Javascript vs. ReactJs, what to learn first? Let us compare them both to know how ReactJs is different from JavaScript.

Since ReactJs is a library of JavaScript, it will naturally have more features added to it. You will need to write less code in ReactJs when compared to JavaScript, and this will make your code more dynamic and efficient.

The significant difference is that JavaScript is a GPL, that is, General-Purpose Programming Language. This means we can use JavaScript to perform a wide variety of projects. On the other hand, ReactJs is specially used only to build interactive User Interfaces.


Why React Is Preferred Over JavaScript?

Reusable components are one of the critical advantages of preferring React JS. Developers save time by not building numerous scripts for the same features. Additionally, if changes are made to one area of the application, they won't affect any other places.

Do You Need To Be Proficient In JavaScript Before Understanding React?

Before switching to React, you need not be ‘all’ JavaScript proficient. You must, however, speak the language well. You should understand Javascript to work as a web developer, especially as it's now the most used programming language.

How Much Time Will Learning JavaScript Require?

Learning JavaScript's fundamentals typically takes six to twelve weeks. Understanding its syntax, data types, operations, and programming principles is part of this. Two to four years of experience are frequently necessary to become an expert in the language.

Is React Sufficient For Web Development?

Yes. React demonstrated that it's the best framework for web and UI developers to create stunning, highly responsive components. Because of its quick learning curve, time-saving framework, and responsive features, React is very popular

Is React An Excellent Future Tool?

Yes. React will likely see additional use cases outside of standard web & mobile development. You should anticipate developers will experiment with new React implementations to improve user experiences and create cutting-edge applications as technology advances.

Is ReactJS better than JavaScript?

ReactJS is generally seen as a better option than JavaScript. It is easier to grasp than plain Javascript and provides better maintenance services. However, the better choice for you may depend on the use of the program. ReactJs, while newer, is a better option for building mobile apps and professional websites, while JavaScript is the best for simple web pages.

Are JavaScript and ReactJS the same?

JavaScript and ReactJS are slightly different. JavaScript is one the most popular programming languages in front end. The use of Javascript is mainly to add interactive elements such as search bars or button menus to your web pages. ReactJS, alternatively, is a framework and library in Javascript. It contains sets of pre-written codes that make programming more straightforward and faster.

Is ReactJS a JavaScript?

Yes, ReactJS is a framework and library under JavaScript. ReactJS is an open-source framework that allows for quickly building interactive webpage and applications. It additionally requires significantly less code than JavaScript. However, you require a basic foundation in Javascript language to use ReactJS. You can quickly learn Javascript in a short time.

How long does JavaScript take to learn?

Generally, it takes a programmer over six to twelve weeks to learn the core basics of JavaScript. Javascript is a very easy language to earn. Therefore it takes this long to understand basic syntax, operators, and concepts of Javascript. However, to master the language, you require practice. This may take two to four years of using Javascript language.

Can I learn React in a week?

The amount of time you require to learn React depends on how many hours daily you are willing to spend. If you spend two to three hours daily, you can usually learn React in a week or three. This is generally for the basics of ReactJS, as mastering the language requires practice and experience, which typically takes years.


Compared to JavaScript, ReactJs is easier to learn, but remember that ReactJs is a library of JavaScript. You need to know the basics of JavaScript to understand ReactJs, which may confuse you further. JavaScript and ReactJs are related to each other. Instead of learning both or entirely, please start with the basics of JavaScript, and then move on to ReactJs and apply your knowledge of JavaScript in ReactJs.

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