HTML Image and Text Side by Side: Design Techniques Explained

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This article will lead you through the short steps required to make your web page’s pictures and content consistent. Whether you are a beginner or an expert web developer, we have you covered.

To display HTML images and text side by side, you can use CSS float, Flexbox, or CSS Grid. Apply the appropriate CSS styles to the image and text elements within a container div. Each method offers advantages, allowing you to create visually appealing layouts easily.

However, there’s still more! We’ll go further into advanced tips and strategies that will elevate your side-by-side layouts in addition to covering the fundamental principles. Discover new stylistic possibilities, how to make your designs responsive, and several ways to create eye-catching layouts.

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HTML Images and Text Side by Side

Aesthetically pleasing layouts are crucial in modern web design to draw customers in and effectively convey information. A frequent design feature displays HTML images and text side by side. This method enables designers to harness the power of descriptive text and images, creating an engaging and well-organized user experience. In this lesson, we’ll look at various HTML and CSS techniques for achieving this effect. This step-by-step instruction will teach you how to master the skill of displaying images and text side by side on your web pages, regardless of your level of expertise as a web developer.

HTML Structure

We must first construct the fundamental HTML framework for our layout. We’ll combine HTML elements and CSS to arrange the photos and text correctly. The basic HTML structure is as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Display Images and Text Side by Side</title>


/* CSS styles will be added here */




<div class="container">

<img src="image.jpg" alt="Image">

<div class="text">







A nested <div> with the class “text” houses the title and description in the code above. In contrast, a container <div> holds an img element for the image.

CSS Float Property

Using the CSS float feature is one of the easiest ways to show HTML images and text side by side. The image may float to the left or right by using the float property, allowing the text to flow next to it.

float feature

Within the <style> tags, include the following CSS styles:

.container {

overflow: auto;


img {

float: left;

margin-right: 10px;


.text {

overflow: hidden;


The image is given the float: left attribute in the code above, and a right margin of 10 px is established to separate the image from the text—hidden property on the overflow. Thanks to the text class, the container will enlarge to fit the image and text.

CSS Flexbox

CSS Flexbox is yet another effective tool for producing side-by-side layouts. Flexbox offers a dynamic and adaptable approach to organizing items inside a container.

css flexbox

Change the CSS styles as indicated below:

.container {

display: flex;

align-items: center;


img {

margin-right: 10px;


Flexbox is activated by adding the display: flex attribute to the container. The things that align: The image and text in the container are vertically aligned, thanks to the center attribute. Similar to the earlier way, the image’s margin-right attribute adds space.

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CSS Grid

Another effective layout method that offers fine control over element placement is CSS Grid.


CSS styles should be modified as follows:

.container {

display: grid;

grid-template-columns: auto 1fr;

grid-gap: 10px;


img {

grid-row: 1 / span 2;


We enable CSS Grid by setting the container’s display property to the grid. The grid-template-columns property defines two columns; the first column automatically changes in width dependent on the content, while the second column uses 1fr to fill in the space. The image and text are separated by 10px when the grid-gap feature is used. The title and description are aligned with the image thanks to the grid-row attribute, which spreads it across two rows.

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Can I display images in HTML using any image format?

Yes, you may utilize a variety of image types in HTML, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG. The kind of image and its use on your website determines the format that should be used.

How can I place an image and text side by side in HTML and CSS?

CSS float, CSS Grid, or Flexbox may all be used to do this. You may arrange the image and text components using these techniques to produce aesthetically pleasing side-by-side layouts.

Does writing HTML and CSS code require any particular software?

No straightforward text editor like Notepad or TextEdit may be used to create HTML and CSS code. With features like syntax highlighting and auto-completion, utilizing specialist code editors like Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, or Atom may improve your coding experience.

How can I put text in HTML next to an image?

CSS float, Flexbox, or CSS Grid methods can align text next to an image in HTML. Using these techniques, you may manage the arrangement and placement of the text element next to the picture.

Is it possible to include the image next to the text in HTML?

The image element may be easily placed next to the text element using HTML and CSS. You may design a coherent layout with the image next to the text using the relevant CSS styles and placement strategies.

Will the side-by-side layout adapt to various screen sizes automatically?

Depending on the approach you pick. Some degree of responsiveness can be achieved by using CSS float or Flexbox, but it might be necessary to use more CSS media queries to create a fully responsive layout. On the other hand, CSS Grid offers more freedom and control when developing responsive designs.

Can I include an image in HTML next to the text?

You can position an HTML image next to the text. You may direct where the image appears next to the text using CSS features like float, Flexbox, or CSS Grid, resulting in an attractive and well-organized visual presentation.

Can I use these techniques to display many images and words side by side?

The answer is yes, provided you duplicate the HTML structure for each set and use the necessary CSS styles to show several groups of images and words side by side. Each stage will be enclosed within a parent element or a div that serves as its container.

How to put text next to an image in HTML?

There are several ways to add text next to an image in HTML. CSS float, Flexbox, and CSS Grid have often used methods. Each technique gives a different strategy for achieving the desired layout.

Will every web browser support the side-by-side design?

Modern web browsers strongly support this lesson's CSS float, Flexbox, and Grid techniques. Testing your layout on many browsers and mobile platforms is always a good idea to ensure consistent rendering and compatibility.

Can I use similar strategies on items other than photos and text?

Absolutely! The methods shown in this lesson may be used to display many pieces of material side by side, including movies, icons, buttons, and any other combination of content.


In this article, we looked at various techniques for displaying text and images side by side in HTML. We can easily create appealing layouts using CSS float, Flexbox, and CSS Grid. You can select your approach based on your project’s objectives and concerns regarding browser compatibility. Try different things and tweak the styling to get the desired result. Also, see how to jump to a section in HTML.

For web designers and developers, creating attractive and well-structured layouts is crucial. You may improve your website’s aesthetic appeal and user experience by learning the technique of presenting HTML images and text side by side. This lesson has taught you how to design captivating side-by-side layouts for your HTML applications.

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