How To Open HTML Files On iPhone?

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If you have an iPhone, you may have tried to open an HTML file and faced difficulties. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we will learn how to open HTML files on iPhone in detail. 

There are four ways how to open HTML files on an iPhone. These are:

  1. Using the Files App
  2. Using Third-Party Apps
  3. Using Text Editors and Code Editors
  4. Using Email and Cloud storage

HTML files are certainly not that easy to open on an iPhone, and not to mention, we also have to keep in mind some things before opening an HTML file, which we will discuss in detail later in this article. 

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4 Ways to Open HTML Files on iPhone

These are the only four ways that will surely answer the question “how to open an HTML file on iPhone.” With these methods, you can do anything in HTML, like editing the code, inserting HTML non-breaking hyphens (unique HTML entities are called non-breaking hyphens in HTML), and much more. Let’s discuss how to open a HTML file on iphone, one by one in detail. 

Method 1: Using The Files App

The first solution for how to open local HTML file on iPhone is to use the files app. The Files app in iOS is pre-installed, and you have to follow some simple steps that are:

    1. Click on the Files app.files app
    2. Below the files app, you will find a browse option. Click on that to proceed further. There will be a locations tab through which you have to find your on locations

You must find the HTML file on your phone, and the files app will open it. Opening an HTML file through the Files app will only help you see the page’s text, and you won’t be able to see any images or videos. This is the first solution for how to open HTML Files on iphone. 

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Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps

Various third-party apps surely help us open HTML files on iPhones. In addition, these apps function smoothly and are easy to use. Some of the famous apps are:

  1. HTML Viewer Q.
  2. HTML Viewer Pro.

The steps for using these apps are:

  1. Firstly, install one of the apps given above.html viewer q
  2. Launch the app and fill in the necessary information. Now, locate your HTML file and tap on it.  Click the “open with” option and select the app you on html file

Furthermore, you can also use these apps to view and add HTML tags and attributes. This is another solution for how to open HTML file on iPhone.

Method 3: Using Text Editors and Code Editors

Text Editors and Code Editors are great ways to open an HTML file on an iPhone. These apps are available on the app store and are easy to use.

Moreover, if you are a programmer, you might have faced a situation where you must code on the go or change some parts of your code. These kinds of apps help you in situations like these. For instance, some of them are:

  1. Koder Code Editor- It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and famous apps for HTML. You can code in more than 80 programming languages.koder code editor
  2. HTML& HTML 5 Editor- One of the top HTML editor apps in the market, with advanced tools that will help you as a programmer.html and html five editor
  3. JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere- This app not only allows you to edit HTML Files but also allows you to code in JavaScript and CSS. It is beneficial for web developers as they mostly have projects like landing pages and clocks (that can show current time in HTML) that require coding in JavaScript.javascript anywhere jsanywhere

You can use these apps by simply locating your file and opening it with one of these. This is another “how to open HTML Files on iPhone” solution.

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Method 4: Using Email and Cloud Storage

This is one of the easiest ways to open HTML files on an iPhone. You can email the HTML file and view it in the Mail app. 

You can also view the HTML files through Cloud storage only if it is located in it. For instance, you can open your files with Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox.

cloud storage

This is the last “how to open HTML Files on iPhone” solution.

Tips before opening an HTML file

You should always be cautious before opening an HTML File, as it can harm your device. Some tips before opening an HTML file are:


  1. Make sure that the file you are opening is malware-free. Scan it with an antivirus to protect your device.
  2. Open HTML files that have a reliable source.
  3. Use only those third-party apps that are trusted. 
  4. Do not click on an unknown HTML file on the internet, as it could be dangerous and harm your device.

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Can IOS run HTML5?

IOS can run HTML 5 as it is also designed to run on mobile platforms.

How do I view HTML Files in Safari?

Open your 'Files Explorer' and locate your file. After locating your file, click on it, select 'Open with', and choose Safari.

Can IOS use HTML?

IOS applications can be created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How do I view HTML in iOS?

In Safari, tap on the action button, and then you will find the 'View Source' option through which you can see the code for the webpage.


In conclusion, we discussed how to open HTML files on iphone. In today’s fast-paced world, we are always in a hurry. Therefore, the need to code fast is increasing day by day. These methods will help you code faster and practice various HTML tag lists with examples. Additionally, you should never forget to be cautious while opening an HTML file and prevent harming your device.  

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