HackerRank vs LeetCode: Which Coding Challenge Platform is Best?

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Hackerrank and Leetcode are two of the most well-known websites for honing your skills and logical thinking for coding competitions. Although they are both free to use, each has benefits and drawbacks. 

Using HackerRank, you can view other people’s answers who have already resolved them, whereas LeetCode has no such feature. You can practice problems more in HackerRank than in LeetCode. The subscription plans are more expensive in HackerRank than in LeetCode. HackerRank also allows users to create and solve coding challenges. On the other hand, LeetCode does not offer any such feature.


To assist you in choosing which one best meets your needs, this post will compare HackerRank with LeetCode.

HackerRank vs LeetCode: What is HackerRank?  

You can participate in coding challenges on Hackerrank, which you can finish. One of its most significant advantages is that you can access more than just your solution when using HackerRank instead of Leetcode. You also have the choice to look at other people’s answers who have already resolved the problem.


On Hackerrank’s “algorithms” page, finding anagrams and sorting arrays are two of the most popular puzzles. If this sort of stuff interests you, who wouldn’t be? It’s worth checking out. 

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What is LeetCode?  

On LeetCode, a website that hosts programming challenges, you can hone your coding skills and learn new languages. The use of premium content is free, but accessing it requires payment.



It provides thousands of issues in all of these languages, including Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript. According to specific technologies, like React Native or Golang, there may be additional challenges. Since the website’s launch in 2013, there have been numerous answers to every question, and users are welcome to add their own! 

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Comparison of HackerRank and LeetCode  

Both have many problems, ranging from easy to hard. They are comparable to one another in this manner. In addition to offering solutions to these issues, both platforms do so, which is advantageous for newcomers who wish to learn how to do so. The two websites do, however, have some differences.



For instance, HackerRank has more practice questions than LeetCode, but this may only sometimes be better for you since there will be more competition when you solve problems on HackerRank (and if you’re attempting to get into a prestigious school like Stanford or MIT) Furthermore, some individuals prefer working on projects at home in a language other than Java since LeetCode only supports it. 

The Benefits of Using HackerRank and LeetCode  

Using LeetCode and HackerRank has many advantages. First, they give you access to a vast selection of coding challenges that can help you hone your abilities in various fields. For instance, these platforms will provide plenty of practice with actual problems in those fields if you want to improve as a data scientist or machine learning engineer.


Another advantage is that both platforms provide in-depth tutorials on solving each type of problem, allowing even beginners to get started immediately! Additionally, both websites enable users to compete with one another by simultaneously posting answers to the same question (or questions), making it simple for those who learn differently.

The Drawbacks of Using HackerRank and LeetCode  

  • Limited Options for Solving Problems
  • The difficulty of Some challenges
  • Inability to customize challenges


Are there any differences in pricing or subscription plans between HackerRank and LeetCode?

Both platforms offer free and paid subscription plans, with additional features available on the paid plans. However, HackerRank's pricing is more geared towards companies and can be expensive for individuals, while LeetCode's pricing is more affordable for individual users.

Which platform has a better user interface?

Both platforms have intuitive user interfaces and coding editors, but HackerRank offers additional features such as a virtual machine, code playback, and better integration with companies' hiring processes. However, LeetCode focuses more on problem-solving and has a larger library of problems and challenges.

What is LeetCode?

LeetCode is a platform for practising coding skills through solving algorithmic problems. It has many coding problems and challenges across multiple programming languages.

What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a coding platform used by companies to assess the technical skills of job candidates. Users can solve coding challenges and participate in contests to improve their skills. It also provides features such as a virtual machine, code playback, and a code editor with syntax highlighting.

Can users create their coding challenges on HackerRank or LeetCode?

HackerRank allows users to create their coding challenges, which can be used for technical assessments or shared with the community. LeetCode, on the other hand, does not currently offer this feature.


In conclusion, LeetCode and HackerRank are excellent tools for honing coding skills.  

I suggest using LeetCode if you’re looking for a free platform because it has many practice problems comparable to those on HackerRank (and many other websites).  

If you want to improve your coding skills and get paid, use HackerRank because they have more complex challenges to make you a better coder. If you want to improve your coding skills and get paid, use HackerRank because they have more challenging tasks to help you become a better coder.  

Further Resources  

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Online challenges: You can find coding challenges on various websites and hone your skills there (e.g., HackerRank). You could post your issues on these websites as well! 

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