Sorting in JavaScript: Algorithms and Techniques Explained

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Here you will get to know everything about sorting in Javascript. In computer science, you are more likely to encounter problems that require you to sort integers or arrays in some way. This can be done in a descending or ascending manner. The arrangement may determine the worth of each file here.

sorting in javascript

So, Sorting is a process where you have to arrange numbers in an order where the numbers are easily accessible. To follow up on the instructions given below. You need to have node.js installed on your computer as a prerequisite and have some basic knowledge of JavaScript. Advanced topics like Changing CSS With JavaScript or using jQuery in a JS File aren’t needed.

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Sorting In Javascript: Classifications

You can sort values, integers, or arrays by two algorithms:.

1. External Sorting Algorithms: These algorithms are only used when you have a vast amount of data, such as arrays or lists. In this case, external storage devices like flash drives or hard drives are preferable. Merge Sort is the best example of these types of algorithms.

2. Internal Sorting Algorithms: These algorithms are only used when you have less data, such as integers or some value. They only take up the main memory space. Examples are Quick Sort and Bubble Sort.

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3 Best Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript

There are numerous ways to sort values in JavaScript; however, most JS developers use the most popular sorting algorithms are Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, and Merge Sort. Let’s get a better understanding of this.

Here are ways for sorting in Javascript:

Selection Sort

Let’s dig deeper into the sorting world and look at the most popular internal sorting algorithm, Selection Sort. It is very different from other sorting techniques like Bubble or Quicksort. In this, we use recursion in a very prominent fashion.

selection sort

Here, We focus on locating the smallest integer in an array or a list.

Let’s use a step-by-step approach to understand this method.

  • We assume the first number to be the smallest.
  • Then, we compare it to the item or number next to it.
  • If the number next to it results being smaller than the one at hand, we assign it to be the smallest number.
  • This process continues until we reach the end of the array or list.
  • We swap their positions when we find a value in the array smaller than the one we started with.
  • This is how selection sort works.

Similarly to the Bubble Sort, it has O(n2) time complexity and O(n) space complexity.

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Insertion Sort

Like Selection Sort, this algorithm also uses the recursion technique to sort the values in an ascending or descending order. However, it uses a divide-and-conquer (separate & win) approach.

insertion sort

In this algorithm, we separate the array into two parts. One part of the array is sorted & another is unsorted.

We have to compare the items or numbers from the unsorted array or list one by one & then insert them into the sorted array. As the name suggests, we have inserted the compared items into the sorted array to get it into a logical order.

Now, Let’s use a step-by-step approach to understand this technique.

  • We assume the first number sorts already.
  • Then, we select the number next to it.
  • We compare the selected number to all the numbers or items in the array.
  • Then, we have to shift each element in the list or array which is larger than the selected number.
  • Repeat steps 2 to 5 until it gets to a point where the array sorts.

The time & space complexity of the Insertion Sort algorithm is O(n) and O(1).

Merge Sort

Similar to the Bubble Sort & Selection Sort, the Merge Sort algorithm is a popular sorting technique JS developers use. It can be used in a much more efficient way without depending on resources from computer science. Every Developer or computer science student must know how to use this algorithm.

merge sort

It uses the divide & conquers approach to sort the list or an array. This means we divide a big problem into numerous small problems. & then these small problems are solved separately to unify the sorted array.

Now, Let’s take a deep understanding step-by-step.

  • First, we have to divide the given array into n number of arrays & these arrays must contain only 1 element.
  • Then, we have to merge these arrays to get a new array.
  • Repeat the above step until you get only 1 array that is remaining. This array will be our sorted array.

Thus, this was all about sorting in Javascript.


What is sorting in JavaScript?

Sorting in JavaScript refers to arranging elements in an array in a particular order, such as numerical or alphabetical.

How do I sort an array in JavaScript?

You can use the `sort()` method to sort an array in JavaScript. For example: `const sorted array = array. sort();`.

How do I sort an array in descending order in JavaScript?

You can use the comparison function and reverse the comparison order to sort an array in descending order. For example: `const sorted array = array.sort((a, b) => b - a);`.

What is the default sorting order in JavaScript?

The default sorting order in JavaScript is lexicographic (alphabetical) for strings and ascending numerical for numbers.

How do I sort an array of strings case-insensitive in JavaScript?

You can use the `localeCompare()` method with the appropriate options to sort an array of strings case-insensitively. For example: `const sorted array = array.sort((a, b) => a.localeCompare(b, undefined, { sensitivity: 'base' }));`.


In the computer science world, sorting algorithms have become more & more popular as complex problems arise at the doorsteps of a developer. Hence, Every Software Developer or student must get a basic understanding of how to use the algorithms mentioned above to sort arrays & do difficult tasks like problem-solving.

In website & application development, sorting is a very crucial part. However, most developers use the Insertion Sort algorithm in JavaScript by default. So, if you want to use sorting algorithms in JS, you can use the sort () method. Therefore through these ways, you can use sorting in Javascript.

In conclusion, developers strive to create more accessible and user-friendly web experiences, and mastering the art of formatting numbers with commas in JavaScript remains an essential skill in their toolkit.

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